Goals and Objectives

We look to an even brighter future for L.E.A.D. participants. Our mission remains to provide the tools that enable our students to sever the bonds of poverty and nurture educated, self-sufficient adults.

To accomplish this goal we will continue to provide our very personalized program. Our objectives beyond those already stated are:

Increase our pool of dedicated volunteers.

At the center of our students’ academic growth and personal development is a team of dedicated tutors and mentors.

Enhance our Teaching Staff and Program Offerings

We need to raise funds to set in place a core group of paid staff that will assume the major responsibilities of organizing the both the academic and technical aspects of running the program.

Provide additional nutritional meals for our students

Hunger is an increasing problem in the community we serve. A hungry child cannot concentrate on learning. We are committed to offering nutritious meals that will feed the brain as well as the body.

Share with our students through real-life experiences the vision of a life beyond poverty.

We want to provide more field trips and experiences in the community. Our high school students need more direct experience with job opportunities and college preparation.

Build our Board and fundraising capacity in order to support the growth we envision and anticipate.


L.E.A.D. operates with a very limited budget by utilizing its network of volunteers: however, we need financial support to continue our program offerings and meet our future goals.